by David Sobeski

Where did it all go wrong for Microsoft ???

January 2, 2014
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From Paul's article, "Where did it all go wrong for Microsoft? Thurrott singles out the same mistake that outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer cited as his biggest regret: The out-and-out debacle that was Windows Vista. Because Microsoft had to devote so much of its talent and resources to fixing all the many issues with Vista, it fell way behind its competition when it came to developing a strong mobile computing platform. This means that by the time that Microsoft finally got its act together with Windows Phone 8 in 2012, iOS and Android had already become established as the two dominant players in the mobile market."

This simply isn't true. Windows Mobile had their own massive organization and no resources were deprived between the Windows team and the mobile team.

The problem was that Microsoft did not think that Windows had any real competition except for Linux and internally it was struggling with the Pink and Purple projects under Roz Ho versus a true Window Mobile platform. Then you had the constant on and off of the XPhone from J Allard and the Zune team. The mobile efforts were just confused and in typical Microsoft, placing way too many bets.

You combine this mobile mess with the platform mess that C# and the CLR caused inside Microsoft. You had Splash UI versus DUI versus XAML versus HTML5. The CLR is probably the single thing that caused Microsoft to be slow. It should have continued to bet on Win32 and MFC. It should have had strength and killed COM/OLE like Jobs did with killing OpenDoc.

It needed real leadership to say NO to the hundreds of little things and yes to one thing. Microsoft is the culture of YES - the complete opposite to Apple and the culture of NO.

I will post later on the big lie and the Microsoft problem. But simply stated, once Microsoft became confused over its own platform, trust was lost and developers were lost for good.

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